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Skipped Back 10

January 20th, 2007

I am semi-1337!

So pixelcurious made really pretty alien eyes that are much more fun than the Maxis eyes. And I loved them! And she was nice enough to say that I could try to make them default so... I did! Genensims has a great tutorial which I followed religiously. The end result is that she now has all three versions (default, non-default, and contacts) up on MTS2.

January 16th, 2007

All righty then! I found the missing pictures following from the move to a new household and a new computer. To show off the new high resolution graphics, here are some snapshots of the Fraser-Kowalski household to start with. This update is actually pretty tame, not to say boring, and safe to read at work. Sorry about that.

as usual, click for picsCollapse )

I'll have to post the Alec & Annabel household next. They have three kids so far and I haven't played them in a while. Poor Alec. Gulian and Duncan are just too enchanting. :)
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December 12th, 2006

The new house

I found them! At least I found some of them!

And some of these pics contain anatomically correct nude Sims doing anatomically correct things so don't click if that's not your thing. ("Them" being the missing pictures referred to in my last update.)

As usual, many many pictures behind the cut - some not work-safeCollapse )

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December 10th, 2006

(no subject)

It's been a while since those Pleasantville kids graduated college!

One of the reasons it's been so long is that I had to move the Sims game to a new computer and it took a while. Plus we added Pets, which, despite its bad press, has been (for us) an awesome addition. The only problem is that pets count against your Sims count for the lot (maximum 8 without hacks), so it's left us in yet another pickle (more about that later).

Anyway, to make sure the neighbourhood was working, we started a new family to be on the safe side.

Lots of pictures behind the cut (as usual)Collapse )
Yes, purpig21, I DO have Sims 2 posts to make. Gulian is on her third kid, for one thing, and Alec and Annabel have three already. Duncan finally graduated from college and he is just as cute as he was as a teen. Better, even. It still tickles us how much he looks like his dads.

But while we have not had any horrible tragedies like losing our neighbourhoods or our backup files, we did have some bugs that resulted in losing the original Six Degrees neighbourhood.

Since I wanted to redo it anyway, I wasn't as broken up as you might think. I know a lot more about the Sims genetics now so I wanted to start more from "scratch" anyway.

But the funny part is this: tonight we were working on some families for the new neighbourhood and H asked if we could do a Native American family. Well, somewhere I'd downloaded some clothing so I said sure, that'd be fun.

It was fun... but Sims 2 has certain cultural preconceptions that make setting up a communal hunter-gatherer lifestyle a bit complicated: private bedrooms for WooHoo and private bathrooms for, well, I guess you know what bathrooms are for. I hope.

So we built two small rooms to hold a bathroom and a bedroom for the mom and dad and found a greenish stone wall covering that satisfied H. Everything else we put out on the lawn, as it were, and we added a small pond and a few trees, etc.

The coolest thing about this, aside from the freedom of not having to mess with walls? Their environment is always high-green! In houses you're always having to BUY things and add things to make the environment go up and we had one house with a combination kitchen/dining room that we never COULD get above halfway no matter how many expensive paintings and accessories we added!

Conclusion: life in the great outdoors is very happy making for Sims. Ha, take that, western cultural oppressors!

August 25th, 2006

Well, the Pleasantville kids are finally finished with college. It seemed to take forever to get them through.

pictures just where you expect them to beCollapse )

July 4th, 2006

Okay, well. The daughter and I started playing just for fun on the way home today and, uh, we couldn't stop.

TONS of pictures behind the cut... maybe as many as 100Collapse )

June 25th, 2006

Our founder, Frieda, had achieved her LTW of celebrating a Golden Anniversary - and started crushing on every guy who walked by. Sadly one of those guys was her son-in-law, Carl, and her daughter, Berta, was not taking kindly to Frieda's oft-expressed desires to leap into Carl's arms, etc. It was a midlife crisis. What can I say?

a not so short or sweet update behind the cutCollapse )

June 17th, 2006

While Alec, at college, dreams of poor dead Aunt Maggie, life goes on in the Fraser-Kowalski household. Needless to say, there is both adult content and nudity behind the cut.

gratuitous Fraser ass behind the cutCollapse )

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