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AuK's Sims 2 LJ

Two campgrounds uploaded

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AuKestrel's Sims 2 Journal

Two campgrounds uploaded

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My daughter and I have been working on making campgrounds in Sims 2 since she got Bon Voyage for Christmas (from the ever-generous j_s_cavalcante!). You see, H likes to take Sims camping; she finds hotels boring and none of the ones we've played suits her - she usually moves the Sims to a campground at the first possible opportunity. I have to admit that unless the hotel has a restaurant, I find them stressful just in terms of keeping the Sims fed. ANYway, I finally got around to uploading the two campgrounds we made that we like the best. One is a replacement for the campground at Three Lakes, because it was hard to keep Sims happy on the Maxis-included lot; the other is a campground for Takemizu, because, for some reason, Maxis omitted a campground for that destination. (!)

Camp Green Pines (Three Lakes campground)

Tents at Takemizu (Takemizu Village campground)

I suppose we ought to be completist and make a beach campground...
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