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AuK's Sims 2 LJ

Dating Death

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AuKestrel's Sims 2 Journal

Dating Death

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Okay, so I downloaded some cool* new underwear for Fraser and went in to try it out.

Fraser's new undershirt

While I was at it, I started thinking, "Hey, I've been meaning to try to hack that Flamingo of Decay that's no longer available online." So I fired up SimPE and went after it. I was successful. However, the Sim I chose to test it on? Not so much! He started a fire in his microwave and (and this was a first for me, actually) caught on fire when I told him to extinguish it and died shortly thereafter.

Also a first: he was the only Sim on the lot, which is, I assume, why I got this message after Death showed up, because I've never seen it before.


*cool being a relative term that only people infatuated with Fraser would apply to his choice of underwear
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