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AuK's Sims 2 LJ

Death by cockroaches; or, adventures in orphan pool seeding

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AuKestrel's Sims 2 Journal

Death by cockroaches; or, adventures in orphan pool seeding

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I saw mention of this in pixelcurious's LJ and she was kind enough to pass on a link to madame_ugly's version; laridian chimed in with a post that left H and me with tears in our eyes and our stomachs hurting from laughing so hard. I'm afraid our adventure is much, much tamer and not nearly so funny, but it was still... interesting.

We started with a randomly generated Sim for the caregiver, Cookie Oreio, and five orphans that we created.

Cookie is holding Cremora, the first one we did: an alien girl. We did the dark-skinned boy next: he was Milka. Then came the 2nd girl, Coco, who has a custom copper skintone, and another alien, a boy this time, Andes. Last but not least was Fava, one more girl.

We made a pole-barn type house, since we have Seasons, and laid out the house with the requisite cribs, toys, and changing table. We even got him a pink fridge to match the rest of the pink theme.

Cookie started out okay. He even changed some diapers

and passed out bottles.

Note the puddle on the left: the toddlers have already been into the toilet. Their fascination with the bunny heads was short-lived. In fact, Milka is enjoying it so much that even the prospect of a bottle won't get him away.

Early on, Cookie is even interacting with the alien babies.

But interestingly enough, it turns out, his two favourites are Milka and Coco.

Andes takes another crack at the bunny head while Cookie indulges in a bubble bath. Yes, he's a Family Sim. At least theoretically.

And here he is interacting with Coco and Milka again.

He even gets Milka a bottle, although that's not what Milka actually wanted. Keep this in mind later when other babies can't get a bottle out of him for love nor money!

His affection for Milka doesn't seem to extend to diaper changes now. While he cooks, Milka and Cremora are playing in the... weeds. Yeah. Less than a day for weeds to show up.

Cookie enjoys a nice dinner, despite the hungry cats toddlers prowling around his table.

Coco asks for more attention and - gets it!

But what she really wants is a bath.

And Cookie is just not interested.

By this time H is already upset with him. But then Fava asks for attention

and a bottle

and he tells her no!

Is it just my imagination or is Coco saying, "Bitch!"

The toddlers start to stalk him

and Fava tries again. Attention? Yes.

Bottle? No.

H is beginning to think of really creative ways to kill Cookie off.

Andes gives it a try:

with equal success.

But then he picks up Milka and snuggles him

AND GETS HIM A BOTTLE! Milka didn't even ask for a bottle!

Not that he's stupid enough to turn DOWN a bottle.

Cookie gets swarmed by hungry toddlers, which just pisses him off.

Except for Milka.

Fava tries again. Our hearts are breaking. H is wondering if there is any more horrible way to kill a Sim than any we've tried so far, because all those are "too fast and painless."

Cremora tries.

With, again, no success. Notice Andes in the foreground: he seems to be lapsing into catatonia.

Unlike Fava, however, Cremora seems to be plotting revenge. At least we hoped so.

Hallelujah! It hasn't even been 24 hours (I think the actual count was about 19 hours) and the social worker is already here.

Oh, sure, NOW Cookie tries to make nice with Cremora.

Cookie didn't have a breakdown or a crying jag the whole time but now it's occurred to him, I guess, that he's losing his babies.

While his 2nd favourite, Coco, gets taken away, he's still lavishing attention on Milka. Good thing you didn't raise these kids... Milka probably would have turned into a serial killer. Fava's given up on the whole mess and decided to play in the toilet instead.

There goes Andes.

This leaves Milka and Fava alone in the weeds while Cookie... goes to bed. Shyeah.

Oh, but the loss of Andes wakes him up.

And there goes Milka.

Cookie's really broken up.

Oh, wait, I spoke too soon.

And finally poor little sweet Fava gets rescued.

Note he doesn't cry about losing Fava, just about losing his babies.

In fact, he seems relieved Fava's gone and he goes back to bed for a nice uninterrupted sleep.

Sans ankle-biters, he starts cleaning up the house and himself.

He even manages to feed himself, but he still requires a visit from the Social Bunny.

It's kind of boring without all those toddlers...

Oops! Be careful what you wish for! Repo Man showed up!

Social Bunny again.

He tries to entertain himself.

And Repo Man shows up again while Cookie's being visited by the blue Social Bunny this time. How valuable are toddler potties anyway?

Cookie takes out his Repo!Rage on... the SOCIAL BUNNY!

Needless to say, we were rooting for the Social Bunny for many reasons.

But, alas, the Social Bunny does not kill Cookie. Or even kick his ass. :(

Then Cookie acts like nothing ever happened! "Think it'll snow?"

Wow, bipolar much???

The bathtub breaks. Things are really only going to go down hill from here.

Pink Social Bunny.

Yellow Social Bunny.

And then his long, slow descent into madness begins.

You see, someone knocked over his garbage can. (My guess is the Blue Social Bunny.) And he was too stupid to pick up the garbage. But cockroaches send him into aspiration failure! Ah, the irony.

He's even scaring the therapist!

Mourning the loss of the ankle biters, he makes a flour sack baby.

And then he sees more cockroaches! Therapist appears. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Clearly he's "the crazy guy" to those in the neighbourhood.

With good reason.

Cockroaches. Family. Flour sack baby. It's really only a matter of time now.


Wow, he's survived one more night to greet the dawn with a visit from the Yellow Social Bunny and the Repo Man. I guess Blue Social Bunny won't be back.

Also he's starting to get really hungry

but he won't stop stomping on roaches long enough to eat.

Oh wait - apparently he does have an inkle of self preservation left.

Really, if we could have come up with our own scenario to punish him, we couldn't have done better than this: the game sends a burglar. Like he has anything worth stealing!

Wow, guess those cribs are hot items on the black market...

Repo Man. Blue Social Bunny (living dangerously). Starving Cookie. All we're missing is the therapist to complete our big happy family.

Tub: broken and filthy.

Bed? What bed?

It's about time.

This made us laugh in glee and revengeful joy for our poor little orphans. Note the cockroach cluster by his knees.

I hope the beam isn't catching any of those roaches. Does heaven have roaches?

The End.

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