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Mean post (i.e., w/o pics)

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AuKestrel's Sims 2 Journal

Mean post (i.e., w/o pics)

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So I've been playing the Inuvik neighbourhood, which is NOT Pleasantville but rather a neighbourhood designed to allow me to try to "breed" Benton Fraser. So far I've got several families running, including a Frobisher family, a Pinsent family, and, of course, a Fraser family, and I finally have The Usual Suspects at college. Okay, I wasn't intending to send them, but, hey, we'll call it The Depot and it's all good.

Robert and Buck and Caroline are sharing a dorm with a couple of ancillary characters (turns out Buck Frobisher has a twin sister - Grace! Who know? *g*; and Robert has a cousin, Lydia; again, who knew? Tiberius is living with the Underhills because there wasn't room in the dorm, but that's okay because he's a little weird anyway). Robert and Caroline are already engaged but although Buck is a Family Sim, he apparently ought to have been a Romance Sim! Every time he sees a woman, he gets hearts around her thought bubble, and although both he and Robert are engaged, respectively, to Lydia Fraser and Caroline Pinsent, that did not stop him from attempting to flirt with Caroline! I had to put everything on hold as Robert ran up and smacked Caroline and attempted to start a fight with Buck! Ha ha ha, Sims imitates Art... if only I could send them out on an adventure somewhere.

I stuck Caroline in an education track, btw, because I want a chance to get that bookshelf career reward! That will really help Benton (if I manage to produce him) become that Renaissance man we all know and love.

PS Inge Jones, at Simlogical.com, has some custom schools and a school controller that makes this neighbourhood possible - a "flexi" school/home school situation, a boarding school, and several others. So if you're trying to play an historic neighbourhood where you have, say, First Nations families and/or you have kids who are NOT going to be riding a bus every day, go check out her school controller. I'm so delighted with it, I can't say.

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