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July 31st, 2008

My daughter and I finally added a beach campground for tropical vacation destinations. :)

Leaping Dolphins Campground

July 6th, 2008

Have you missed out on the subprime mortgage bust? Have you always wanted to have a house you couldn't afford? Well, thanks to Inge's mortgage shrub, now's your chance!

My daughter and I sort of got carried away last night redoing a very nice house we downloaded that was not landscaped or furnished to keep the costs down. We landscaped, gutted the interior, and furnished it sparsely (although it is liveable) and the cost soared to 103,000 simoleons. But with Inge's shrubs, it's only 13,100 simoleons. How cool is that?

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February 25th, 2008

My daughter and I have been working on making campgrounds in Sims 2 since she got Bon Voyage for Christmas (from the ever-generous j_s_cavalcante!). You see, H likes to take Sims camping; she finds hotels boring and none of the ones we've played suits her - she usually moves the Sims to a campground at the first possible opportunity. I have to admit that unless the hotel has a restaurant, I find them stressful just in terms of keeping the Sims fed. ANYway, I finally got around to uploading the two campgrounds we made that we like the best. One is a replacement for the campground at Three Lakes, because it was hard to keep Sims happy on the Maxis-included lot; the other is a campground for Takemizu, because, for some reason, Maxis omitted a campground for that destination. (!)

Camp Green Pines (Three Lakes campground)

Tents at Takemizu (Takemizu Village campground)

I suppose we ought to be completist and make a beach campground...

September 2nd, 2007

I saw mention of this in pixelcurious's LJ and she was kind enough to pass on a link to madame_ugly's version; laridian chimed in with a post that left H and me with tears in our eyes and our stomachs hurting from laughing so hard. I'm afraid our adventure is much, much tamer and not nearly so funny, but it was still... interesting.

We started with a randomly generated Sim for the caregiver, Cookie Oreio, and five orphans that we created.

Cookie is holding Cremora, the first one we did: an alien girl. We did the dark-skinned boy next: he was Milka. Then came the 2nd girl, Coco, who has a custom copper skintone, and another alien, a boy this time, Andes. Last but not least was Fava, one more girl.

We made a pole-barn type house, since we have Seasons, and laid out the house with the requisite cribs, toys, and changing table. We even got him a pink fridge to match the rest of the pink theme.

Waaaay too many pictures behind the cut, plus ugly bugs, sad orphans, and social bunnies galoreCollapse )

May 29th, 2007

Dating Death

Okay, so I downloaded some cool* new underwear for Fraser and went in to try it out.

Fraser's new undershirt

While I was at it, I started thinking, "Hey, I've been meaning to try to hack that Flamingo of Decay that's no longer available online." So I fired up SimPE and went after it. I was successful. However, the Sim I chose to test it on? Not so much! He started a fire in his microwave and (and this was a first for me, actually) caught on fire when I told him to extinguish it and died shortly thereafter.

Also a first: he was the only Sim on the lot, which is, I assume, why I got this message after Death showed up, because I've never seen it before.


*cool being a relative term that only people infatuated with Fraser would apply to his choice of underwear

April 6th, 2007

After several false starts and the loss of the original neighbourhood, my attempt to recreate Benton Fraser by starting with his grandparents has finally gotten to the 3rd generation (i.e., Benton Fraser). And - I finally took pictures!

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April 4th, 2007

So I've been playing the Inuvik neighbourhood, which is NOT Pleasantville but rather a neighbourhood designed to allow me to try to "breed" Benton Fraser. So far I've got several families running, including a Frobisher family, a Pinsent family, and, of course, a Fraser family, and I finally have The Usual Suspects at college. Okay, I wasn't intending to send them, but, hey, we'll call it The Depot and it's all good.

Robert and Buck and Caroline are sharing a dorm with a couple of ancillary characters (turns out Buck Frobisher has a twin sister - Grace! Who know? *g*; and Robert has a cousin, Lydia; again, who knew? Tiberius is living with the Underhills because there wasn't room in the dorm, but that's okay because he's a little weird anyway). Robert and Caroline are already engaged but although Buck is a Family Sim, he apparently ought to have been a Romance Sim! Every time he sees a woman, he gets hearts around her thought bubble, and although both he and Robert are engaged, respectively, to Lydia Fraser and Caroline Pinsent, that did not stop him from attempting to flirt with Caroline! I had to put everything on hold as Robert ran up and smacked Caroline and attempted to start a fight with Buck! Ha ha ha, Sims imitates Art... if only I could send them out on an adventure somewhere.

I stuck Caroline in an education track, btw, because I want a chance to get that bookshelf career reward! That will really help Benton (if I manage to produce him) become that Renaissance man we all know and love.

PS Inge Jones, at Simlogical.com, has some custom schools and a school controller that makes this neighbourhood possible - a "flexi" school/home school situation, a boarding school, and several others. So if you're trying to play an historic neighbourhood where you have, say, First Nations families and/or you have kids who are NOT going to be riding a bus every day, go check out her school controller. I'm so delighted with it, I can't say.

February 11th, 2007

And this amuses me far more than it should.

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January 27th, 2007

Okay, probably only pixelcurious cares, but I have been messing with the default alien skin. I like the Maxis colour better but I wanted, you know, nipples. I am so weird.

a few pictures behind the cutCollapse )


January 24th, 2007


This is a mean post to make since I have no pictures. But we have been playing the Smithbauers again, since it occurred to us that Duncan (Fraser and Ray's older child) was going to move back in to the house with his bevy of blondes following... and we had no idea what their genetics were. And there are very few unrelated females in the game. *shakes fist at Joe Dick* Then we remembered Mark and Oz had gotten knocked up right when Nolan and Justin moved out, which is why Oz keeps showing up in all those pictures pregnant at parties and other people's houses. So we went back to play and see if he'd have a girl we could marry off to Duncan. Well, he didn't. But apparently Mark is just a Big Fat Marshmallow and not a Real Man, because lo and behold HE got knocked up before Oz even had the baby, and mah boy Mark deLIVERED. (Ah ha ha ha.) A red headed girl named Luka, to be precise. She and her brother are off at college now so we ought to be able to hook her up with Duncan within four Sim years or so.

But the FUNNY part is that Renee had a midlife crisis and had a late in life baby and, I guess, not to be outdone, Oz went and got abducted! So I have my second alien baby! And, because I forgot to reinstall the multiple PT tech hack (oops) she is also Gulian's half sister. So much for genetic diversity. But yay! I had given up on him being abducted and I had actually even cancelled out his stargazing because he had maxed out his skill a little while earlier but then I got busy with something else and whee! He went back and got abducted!

And? She has pixelcurious's default eyes!

H named this alien too, btw. She is "Nausicaa." HEE!

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